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Enhance your kids skills in various abilities starting from drawing, yoga, dancing, singing, swimming, gymnastics, self defence, robotics, language training, software knowledge, social skills and more. Explore your nearest training centre in Edfish now

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Choosing a best school for your kid would be a bigger challenge. With so many schools offering different environments, teaching styles and philosophies, the experience can be overwhelming. Choose the right school for your kid using Edfish Schools Directory and make your search easier


Explore events in schools and training centres near you. Participate in a variety and number of events and get networked with talents and schools.


Explore Jobs in schools and training centers near you. Many organizations are looking for the right candidate in various areas in the education field.

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Try the robust Edfish school management software for free. Track your homework, attendance, fees, transport, examination, and more through the advanced cutting edge solution. Get you free license now

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