School Talkz

February 27, 2022 2022-04-06 12:04

Create, Engage
and Connect

With Edfish, provide budding students to make memories in a safe virtual space. Celebrate and cherish each other as a community.

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Why School Talkz?

Educate students on how social media works at a young age. Allow students to overcome taboos and stigmas about social media without the risk of uncensored content.

Found something useful?
Share it with your community

Share article/post that you find
interesting with your students and

Won a competition? Share it with your friends

A platform for your students and staff to
share their Achievement.
(we all need a little encouragement)

Conduct Polls

Understand your students and staff opinions anytime by conducting interactive polls.

Segment with Tags

A creative community with tags to create a new trend/event . Segment your posts with tags

Create a positive community for your School Students

School Talkz… because schools need a social network!

Moderated Community

Unlike regular social media platforms, Edfish is a moderated community with child-friendly content. Supervise and control the content, shield children from unnecessary information.

Personalized Notifications

Get notified when fellow class/schoolmates are creating a post and jump on the trending topic forthe day

Connect personally with your students/Staff and make your school a powerful community!

Share Opinions
Conduct Polls