How are you tracking your School Homeworks?

If you ask a school student if he likes doing homework, you are most likely to get a NO with a sad face reaction. But Homework is something important in student life as it helps them shape as an individual in many ways.

Home-works helps students to build responsibility and also work ethics from an early age. Homework also helps students to better their time management skills by prioritizing their to-do list.

If rightfully used, homework assignments can build a collaborative classroom discussion and conferences. Teachers can check the student Homeworks and have a one-on-one to discuss their observations and offer them tips on how to improve.

On average a school with 2500 students, creates 200+ assignments in averages/day. How are they recorded now? Are the homework assigned in their diary/class notes helps them to keep a track and get it done? Can the school build a collective report and review the homework progress at any time.

Many schools don’t track their homework in a proper and regularized way. Top schools have considered Edfish School Management Software to easily assign and review homework.

Creating homework with Edfish is as easy as a cakewalk. The teacher can assign homework to their class in the Edfish Homework module. Once finishing the homework the students can update the status from their individual Edfish Logins. With the application available in the cloud, the students and teachers experience a faster loading rate and engaging UI done by the Edfish Expert Team.

To know more about the Edfish Homeworks Module Click Here.

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