How Online learning is transforming Education

Covid-19 has taught us many new things, ‘Work from home’, ‘OTT platform’, ‘Lockdown’ and most important of all is ‘Online learning’. How Online learning is Transforming Education? Is it beneficial or not? Will it change the Education system forever? Let’s find out the answer.

Online learning is a new concept for the Indian Education system, People know about Distance Learning (Distance Education or Correspondence) but Online Learning came as a surprise for everyone. So What is the difference between distance learning and online learning?

Distance Education vs Online Learning

In distance education, the student will receive the study material and he needs to study on its own, occasionally a teacher checking his progress, Whereas in Online Learning a Teacher assists the students in learning but it occurs in a virtual meeting rather than in Classroom

Is Online learning a benefit or curse?

We cannot come to a conclusion for this question as Online learning has both merits and demerits, But when you consider the flexibility and time of learning, Online education is a big benefit. 

Teachers can teach from the home and can easily organize, schedule the meeting, conduct tests, and create assignments everything from the comfort of the house. Online learning has given us a lot of time and increased our productivity as students and teachers don’t have to get ready for school.

But when it comes to connectivity Online learning is a curse, Teachers cannot directly meet students and can’t say whether they are listening to the class. If utilized properly Online Learning can have a great impact on both teachers’ and student’s life.

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Pros of Online learning

  • Flexibility – Teachers can schedule and conduct class in an instant, Students can learn wherever they are
  • Personalized – In a class, a teacher cannot give her individual attention to everyone, In online learning students can have the complete attention of the teacher as there are no distractions or chatty friends
  • Focus – As I mentioned there will be no distraction in online learning, Students can have an unwavering focus on the subject
  • Time saver – No traffic, No Troublesome boys, No more distraction which means more time in teaching and less time in making the students obey and discipline. Isn’t that a Time saver?

Cons of Online learning

  • Procrastination – Since there is a lot of free time, Students and teachers feel like using social media, watch movies which creates a habit of procrastination as we put off the necessary work. (We can always learn tomorrow there is a lot of time, isn’t it?)
  • Requires Time Management skill – anything in abundance creates a sense of laziness or pride, it’s true for money as well as time. More time, less work!
  • Independent – In school, if a student didn’t understand something he can ask his friends or teacher but in online classes, this isn’t possible. Students can ask doubt but online class creates fear in students to speak to the entire class
  • Boredom – As students and teachers constantly see a computer screen they lose the human side of teaching and learning. This cause boredom for students as well as teachers
  • Self-Discipline – There is no one to guide the students in the online class, They could sign in and do other things so online learning requires a high level of discipline.

Wrapping it up,

Every type of learning has its own merits and demerits and online learning is not an exception. It’s the responsibility of both teachers and students to make the best use of this chance. Done properly, Online learning is the best type of learning but without discipline, this is not possible.

If you experienced any of the above problems, don’t worry, every teachers and school organization faces them. But there is a solution for this.

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