How Edfish helps Schools to communicate effectively with Students and parents

What tools are you using for communicating with students and parents? Whatsapp? Telegram? Do you think these apps are effective for schools to communicate with students and parents? If you answer NO, continue reading, In this article, we have explained the various problems school face in communicating and how to solve them, 

Whatsapp, telegram, and other such apps are very useful in communicating and sharing documents but the problem arises when the messages and groups are overcrowded. These apps don’t provide an additional column for groups and individual messages.

Is that a problem? If you are using it for personal purposes there is no problem, but when you are using it to communicate with your students and parents the problem arises!

Problem with these apps

Whatsapp, Telegram is developed to make personal communication effortless but when you use it for an organizational purpose like schools and institutions, it comes with limitations.


Imagine beginning your day with this app, endless messages, overflowing groups, unknown contacts, spam users. Does that feel good? No, I don’t think so, 

The major problem with these apps is that there are no separate columns for groups and individual messages, takes a lot of time to identify the correct group. And some teachers might teach a different class so having every different group in the same place can be chaos.

Cons of using these apps

  • Unprofessional
  • Lots of confusion because of multiple groups
  • Cannot track students progress
  • Full of distraction
  • Limited privacy
  • Fewer features for schools

So What’s the solution for this?

One solution is to make your own app for your school, but that is not feasible. It requires lots of months to code, many programmers, designers, and other people are required. Therefore it takes a lot of time and money to follow this path, but don’t worry there’s an alternative to this.

Edfish Parent App,

We at Edfish created a multipurpose app, specifically for school organizations. The main difference between our app and other common app is that our app comes with a clutter-free interface.

It contains separate columns for groups, individual chats, for both teachers and students. Students can chat in the classroom group and also personally with the teacher to clarify their doubts. It is highly secure so you don’t have to worry about data theft and loss.

With the end-to-end encryption, schools can control everything using our app, from who should join to who hasn’t submitted the homework.


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Why our App?

Before buying anything we need to understand everything about the product, since our app is custom-designed for schools, it has every feature school requires from tracking homework to student progress everything in one place.

Our team at Edfish is working tirelessly for the welfare of schools, this pandemic has made communicating with students and parents very hard and we strive to make it a little easier for schools. 

Before buying our app, Use it and see how it benefits your organization. To learn more about the app and to get a free trial Contact us, We are very eager to work with you

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