How Technology helps Schools to become more effective

In a country of 1 billion-plus people providing education is an incredibly hard task, But India had it right. With more than 70% of literacy rate, India ranks at 92nd place out of 145 countries in the world. The recent advancement in the technology sector helps India to increase the literacy rate.

But one question that lives in every people’s mind is How Technology helps in Education? This article is an answer for that. You will find how Technology helps teachers, students, parents, and School organizations in this article.

How it helps Teachers?

Teachers play a crucial role in education and Technology has made their life and tasks easier by various methods. The essential work of a teacher is to teach and assist students in their learning journey and technology helps the teacher to improve the life of students.

Technology helps the teacher by,

  • Many tools like Zoom, Google meet helps the teacher to conduct virtual classes (Edfish Virtual tool is the best solution for teachers to conduct online classes)
  • Content creation tools like Powerpoint, Youtube helps the teacher to teach effectively by creating visual elements
  • Technology increases the productivity of teachers by recording and tracking the progress of students in a computerized format
  • Technology has improved the communication between students, teachers, and parents using tools like Whatsapp, Google classroom
  • Research tools like Google, Wikipedia has helped teachers to gather information related to the subject easily

How Technology helps School organization,

Running a School is not an easy task, there are a lot of activities to be done daily like Marking Attendance, Conducting events, communicating with Parents, Transportation, Payment issue, Fees collection, Management of school details.

Won’t it be great to have software that controls every above-mentioned aspect? Well, you are lucky there is a solution for this.

School Management System or School ERP helps the school to control every function in a computer or mobile. It comes with many modules to track Attendance, Fees management, Homework management, Payroll, and every other task that school needs to be done.

If you want to know more about School Management software and to find why your organization needs one Click here.

The problem is, there are too many software providers in the market, selecting the right one can take a large amount of time. This is where Edfish comes to the rescue! Edfish School ERP is specially created with schools in mind and contains every module for schools to operate effectively.


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How Technology helps Students,

Students are different from teachers, they don’t have patience and a long attention span. Students want everything to be fun, including education and this is where Technology helps them.

    • Gamification is a type of learning where games are used to teach a particular concept. Gamification got popular only in recent years in India but it is effective and fun.
    • Technology improves Collaboration in students. Collaboration is about bringing different people together to do a task. Collaboration is very useful in learning which many people found during the pandemic time studying in the online class.
    • Using many different tools for teaching like Whiteboard, videos, images increases the engagement in students.
    • Technology has made access to information very easy, Students can find the answer or learn new things on Google, YouTube, and other tools.

How Technology helps Parents,

The only concern of every parent is that their children must be well educated and be an obedient student. They want the best in everything for their children and all they wanted is to see the progress of their children.

Does technology help them to see that? You bet it does! With the help of Technology, parents can analyze their children progress, how he behaves in school and whether he has done his homework or not!

But parents feel skeptical about technology, won’t it be difficult for parents to analyze their children’s activity if they are not technical people? No, it doesn’t, Technology has made it easier for parents to accomplish these tasks and you don’t have to be an expert to do this.

How Edfish Parent’s App will help you?

Edfish parent app is a complete solution for parents and teachers to analyze the progress of their children and students respectively. It contains every essential thing that teachers and parents require like Attendance, Homework submission, Assignments, exam results, the progress of the particular student, and everything you imagine that will help you to move one step closer to your student, in case of parents their children!

Wrapping it up,

Technology can be an ally or enemy based on how you use it! Use it properly you will get an unfair advantage in education and other areas and Edfish will be your side to help you accomplish this.

Our primary aim is to provide a complete ecosystem for Schools and institutions and we are working very hard to make your life easier!

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