Need is the mother of all inventions 

Several times as a child there might have been instances where we’ve felt left out or out of place. It is rather often for students of all ages to feel this way. While there are several reasons why one might feel this way, the child might simply not find the right friends who get them, or they might be extremely introverted and the opportunity to socialize was never really theirs.  

This is where platforms like schooltalkz come in handy.  

Schooltalkz allows the holistic growth of every active participant. Be it a student, parent, or teacher, everyone is part of the community. There is inclusivity and development all by the mere act of active engagement. 

Find the right one;  

Schoolhood can be hard without the right friends. Everyone deserves people who accept and love them for the person they are. With Schooltalkz students can communicate with their peers unhindered in a safe space that protects their privacy. Share interests, and pictures. Create memories together! 

Share views;  

Flaunt your amazing skills, and share posts, thoughts, and views with your community.  Be it a poem or a painting, there is no judgment or embarrassment. Schooltalkz creates a supportive community to appreciate and upholster the good work.  

Keep it Child friendly;  

Fear is prevalent among parents with regard to internet security and social media privacy. With safety being a standard measure, allow kids to freely communicate and explore with all people within the school community. Schooltalkz is carefully crafted for students and teachers of each school exclusively. The pages are moderated, brimming with positivity. 

Safe space; 

Users of the app will be protected because it is operated by school officials. Activities such as cyberbullying and spreading rumors will neither be tolerated nor appreciated. Reinvent the school community by educating and instilling the good and bad. Create a generation of good human beings.  

Practicing Democracy;  

Teachers can create polls on the app, which allows students to participate in decision-making. The concept of democratic spirit is taught in the fun spirit of games. 

Gamified Learning Process; 

Schooltalkz makes learning fun and breezy. Earning rewards with each completed task would undoubtedly motivate users to be more proactive and work harder to beat goals and create new records.  


As an overall advantage, all students who actively use the app are to have proven benefits and advantages over those who don't. A collaborative platform is bound to bring all kinds of students together and hold them as a community.