School Chat Communication

March 12, 2022 2022-03-29 12:10

Communication made Easy

Communicate anytime at ease with the help of a platform exclusive for your school.

Be the bridge between Confusion and Clarity

With tools like text messages, voice notes, and class groups, clear teaching can be done on a single platform through Edfish.


Text Messsage


Voice Out


Class Groups

Simple, yet powerful features

Create better products by collecting feedback. It's that simple.

Easily Reachable

Accessibility made Easy

Clear doubts and queries in an instant. With the availability of secured channels, students would find help within arm’s reach, allowing teachers to clarify concepts at the earliest

Speak & GET HEared

Education Personalised

About 30% of school students are auditory learners making them the largest category of learners. With the voice note feature, education can be personalized for such students. Provide clear explanations without interruptions.

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Collaborate in Groups

Group chats allow generalized information transactions easy among a large group. Edfish allows group chats as it allows individual channels while protecting private information making communication easy

Secure by design. Private by default.

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Transform your school smart

Engage your Teachers and Students better with Edfish