Why your schools need a School Management Software

Why should I use School Management Software when it is possible to store the information on paper or Excel? Most Schools are skeptical about the use of School ERP and other online tools to store their information.

So, why do I need a Software to operate everyday activities? Before moving on to the need for Management software let’s first know, What is School Administration or Management Software.

What is a School Management Software?

School Management software or School ERP is a software that is used to manage the day-to-day activities of schools and Institutions. A School Management system can be used from the pre-admission of a student to the time he graduates.

It can be used for tracking the homework of the student, to communicating with parents. At Edfish we created an Easy to use School ERP that can help Administrators to track Fees, Homework, Transport, Communication, Exam Management, Front Desk, Staff Activities, Attendance, and other aspects of a student and teacher.

Now moving on to the essential question, Why does my School need a Software to manage these activities.

Effective Communication and Management

The main feature of a School Management system is creating a medium to connect between the Staff, Parents, Students, and Administrators. Through this medium students can easily communicate with the teachers to clarify doubts or submit assignments.

This will also help the Parents to get updated information about their children’s education. Because of this Schools can have a great relationship with their educators and parents.

Track every information from the comfort of a mobile

 A School ERP will also be available as a mobile app or desktop software, so because of this tracking essential information like fees, Exam results, Student’s achievements will be a trouble-free and fun task.

Instead of filling your excel sheet with tons of data or using MS Access to store hundreds of documents, the School Management system can organize every piece of information in an easy to analyze manner.

Tracking Individual progress or Staff Attendance won’t be a boring task anymore, as our Edfish Parent App helps you to store the complete data in a single app!

Say Goodbye to data loss and breach

Data Security


A school management system will store all the information in cloud storage, because of this even if you lost the data on your computer or mobile you can access it from the clouds storage.

Safety is a big concern for every organization, and it is also a big advantage of School ERP as they are highly protected and secured. So never worry about losing your information or being hacked by someone. 

Save the two most important resources of life

Time & Money, these two are the most indispensable resource of life. Tracking and managing every data of students, staff, parents can take a lot of time and need a lot of Manpower.

This is where School Management software comes to the rescue. By using school administration software, managing data can be moved from a boring task to a highly interesting one.

It will also save time as our system has all the templates and features pre-made, so it is productive to use the School Management system to manage the school’s activities.

As it doesn’t require a lot of people to manage the system, it reduces the manpower and time of executing the task making it a big saver of Money.

What does Edfish do?

Edfish is focused on making the life of School administrators and Staff easier and more meaningful. We are working to provide a better ecosystem for the school and creating a wonderful relationship between Parents and educators.

We offer a lot of services that are fully concerned to uplift the lives of educators and school administration. We are a customer-driven startup that started as a vision for a better future for School organizations.

Take a look at our Products and services and feel free to reach out to us for any kind of information.


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